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Why the We-vibe Tango is one of the best vibrators I've ever used, plus a bit more about bullet vibrators

Having worked in the adult industry for many, many years I’ve been the envy of my friends with cheap and easy access to just about any sex toy on the market.  What a great job! I get to try the ones I want, and be first to check out the latest new gadget before any of our customers!

So, with this in mind, someone asked me recently, what is THE best product you have tried, for a girl.  Well, without a doubt it has to be some kind of bullet vibrator. There simply isn’t an easier, or more targeted stimulator available for us girls to use.

So, over the past few years, since the now humble rabbit got knocked back off the popularity list, and the bullet vibrator took over, this tiny, palm sized vibrator has evolved fairly fast.  Gone (thank goodness), are the LR44 watch batteries which weren’t powerful enough to hold a girl’s attention for long.  We then have a few that take LR1 batteries, which are the small, squat ones.  Much better, more power – but bloody hard to find and quite expensive too!  More recently we’ve been graced with quieter, more powerful bullets that run on AA or AAA batteries. That is MUCH better, you can get them easily and the larger cell packs more of a punch for less ££

So, what can be better than this?  Rechargeable, that’s what!

We-vibe, most famously known for their couples wearable vibrator (more on this later…) launched the We Vibe Tango quite some time ago, and for some reason, I didn’t get to try one.  Quite by fluke, one found its way to my home recently (don’t ask!) and I decided that a bit of me-time was in order, and believe me, that night I fell in love!

The We-Vibe Tango is very powerful, on it’s highest speed.  As someone who owns a plug-in (mains operated) vibrator, I am used to – and enjoy – full power on my sex toys.   Well, the We-Vibe Tango is obviously not as powerful as a plug-in but since it is so small, the mighty power it does contain doesn’t need to power a whole load of plastic – so the vibrations are very intense and feel just amazing.  As the vibe is small, it is easy to use with your partner while enjoying him stimulating you in whatever way you’re up to at the time, so it is fantastic for couples as well as just solo play.

I highly recommend this toy, visit the product page below to view more about this fantastic product and don’t be afraid to spend your money on this vibrator. It never needs batteries and is guaranteed for a whole year so you will be buying yourself lots and lots and lots of happy time.

Do it.

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