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What’s the Scoop on Delay Spray?

What’s the Scoop on Delay Spray?

Imagine a product that could help you last longer in bed, boosting both the quality and duration of your intimate moments. That’s what a delay spray does! It’s a topical solution that you apply directly to the penis, numbing the nerve endings and thus slowing down ejaculation.

The secret sauce? Either lidocaine or prilocaine – both local anaesthetics. Slap it on 10-15 minutes before getting down to business, and voila! You’re all set for a more prolonged experience.

Does Delay Spray Really Work?

Absolutely, it does! Research backs it up too. Delay spray can triple the time it takes for men with premature ejaculation to climax. It’s also a winner for those looking to extend their lovemaking sessions. But remember, this magic spray’s effects are temporary – they’ll typically see you through one round or up to two hours, when used correctly.

Of course, as with any product you put on your body, it’s wise to be aware of potential side effects. Rest assured, delay sprays undergo stringent testing for safety. However, some individuals may be more sensitive to the ingredients.

Is there a downside to Delay Spray?

The most common side effect is a mild tingling sensation on the penis post-application, which should fade within minutes. If you notice any burning, itching, or numbness, or struggle to reach orgasm after using the spray, it’s best to stop using it and have a chat with your doctor.

Does Delay Spray Impact Women?

No worries here – delay sprays are not known to have any negative effects on women. In fact, they can often enhance the experience by enabling men to last longer. Just be sure to use it correctly, as per the instructions on the label, to avoid any contact with her genital area or any discomfort during sex. Pregnant women should steer clear of delay spray contact and opt for extra-safe condoms for complete reassurance.

How Long Can You Count on Your Delay Spray?

Typically, a delay spray should remain effective for up to a year. However, this depends on the quantity you buy and how frequently you use it. Over time, you might notice a decline in its potency – that’s your cue to replace it.

What’s the Shelf Life of a Delay Spray Bottle?

A bottle of delay spray should last you between 6-12 months, depending on your usage. If it’s part of your regular routine, you might find yourself needing to replace it sooner. Remember, this is an aid, not a solution for more serious issues like premature ejaculation. If you’re struggling with this, it’s important to reach out to a doctor or qualified sex therapist.

Delay sprays are a great tool to enhance your sexual experience, but they should be used responsibly. The spray contains a topical anaesthetic, so treat it with care.

Can I Use Delay Spray with Condoms?

Absolutely! Using a condom with delay sprays is perfectly safe. Just remember, delay sprays are not a substitute for regular safe sex practices like using condoms and other barrier methods.  The good thing is the spray also won’t rub into your partner and will stay on you! 

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Delay Spray Explained
Delay Spray Explained

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