Tunnel Butt Plug for an Open Wide Experience

Tunnel Butt Plug for an Open Wide Experience

Open wide! Ready for Tunnel Butt Plug

The more advanced anal player will love the Tunnel Butt Plug.  A hollow, open-wide butt plug designed to hold you open and keep you that way, whilst giving full view to anyone who wants to look. Peek-a-boo for backsides, if you will. Not really for the novice, the Tunnel Butt Plug will have quite a large body as the material needs to be thick enough to hold you open.  Great if you’re looking for stretching to prepare for something else.

Tunnels are generally made from flexible but quite firm material to stretch and open the anus and hold it open.  Use lots of lube, insert the tunnel and show what you have got!

Cleaning your Tunnel Butt Plug

These anal toys are really easy to clean. You can use sex toy cleaner if you wish, or just wash it with lots of soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Don’t share your anal toys and store it in a dust free environment after use.  We always recommend washing sex toys before and after each use.