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The Importance of Intimacy in a Healthy Relationship

The Importance of Intimacy in a Healthy Relationship

The Importance of Intimacy in a Healthy Relationship: Why It Matters Intimacy is an essential part of any healthy relationship. It is the feeling of closeness and connection that two people share, and it can take many different forms. Intimacy can be emotional, physical, or a combination of both, and it is what helps to […]

Blow Job Toppings

Blow Job Toppings

Blow Job Toppings. Oral sex is currently very trendy. Maybe even more so than actual sex. Maybe because its the only way we can get our partners to shut up? Blow jobs, which are suck jobs are the ultimate in pleasure for many guys. Why? Just as how it’s the same when reversed for the […]

Keeping the Spark Alive in your Erotic Relationship

Being In Love

Did you know that, when the honeymoon period ends, how keeping the spark alive in your relationship can make for the best sex you’ve had in your whole life? The honeymoon period, typically 1-3 years into a relationship, gradually wanes.  This is unfortunate, but sadly, a fact of life.  As time goes on, its less […]

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