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Should you Douche?

Should you Douche?

Loads of visitors to our shop are interested in anal exploration, and they often ask us Should you Douche?

So firstly, what is a douche?

A douche is a device that is used to introduce a stream of water to the inside of a part of the body so that it can be washed out.

You may have heard of people referring to them as an enema – these days sometimes used in medical play.

Douches come in lots of shapes, sizes, and capacities.  The most popular type is a bulb douche, which comprises a long, thin nozzle attached to a squeezy bulb, that can be filled with water and squeezed to push the water inside.

It’s not the only type though; you can buy douches that attach directly to your shower hose or that even come with their own hose so you get an unlimited amount of water without having to refill the bulb.  Or douches that have a bag instead of bulb, so you refill the douche using a jug of water.  As a personal product, it’s up to you and your situation which type you choose.

So now that you know what purpose a douche serves, you can start thinking of whether you should douche at all.

There are 2 types of douching – vaginal and anal.

Vaginal douching

Health experts do not recommend vaginal douching at all.  Regular washing in the shower, bidet or bath is enough for the vagina which is after all, a self-cleaning organ that should not be messed with.  Douching or the overuse of perfumed washing and soaps can alter the natural bacteria in the vagina, interrupt the PH balance and end you up with soreness, dryness or even an infection.  Just wash and you will be fine!

Anal douching

An anal douche is used to eliminate any poop that is left in the rectum after you empty your bowels, and before anal play.  This is the most frequent use of a douche, and that’s why most people call them anal douche.  We recommend you don’t use hot water, just lukewarm and only use a small amount of water, that is all that is required.  You hold the water in situ for a while and when you expel it, any leftover waste matter will be expelled along with it.

Don’t use anything other than water for douching.  Extra soaps and cleaning products will alter the electrolytes in the body and could lead to health problems.

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Should you douche
Should you douche

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