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The Satisfyer is Getting Famous in the Press

The amazing Satisfyer Pro 2 and the other sister products in the range, are getting a load of press attention at the moment, which is great news.  The Satisfyer has been covered recently in big mainstream magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Women’s Health, Allure, and Elle.  USA, Canada and Europe.  According to ETO Magazine (Adult Trade Only), the products are enjoying a huge success in mainstream media thanks to some enthusiastic journalists.

Here’s what they are saying about the Satisfyer:

“Get ready for your life to change,” (Shape, USA 02/2017),

“My latest favorite, the Satisfyer Pro 2,” (Women´s Health, USA 01/17),

“Playtime, all the buy on next-gen sex toys,” (Elle, Canada 01/17),

“I can confirm that the touch free vibrator is lit,” (Glamour, USA 10/16),

“Orgasmic sex toys the world was blessed with in 2016,” (Cosmopolitan, USA 12/16),

“The best sex toys released in 2016,” (Glamour, USA 12/16),

“Think: a guy going down on you, just more intense,” (Cosmopolitan, 12/16),

“A feminist can be in charge of her own pleasure,” (YourTango, USA 11/16),

“Could really deliver touch free orgasms,” (Bustle, 11/16),

“This sleek oral sex simulator that would look more at home with all your pricey beauty products,” (BuzzFeed, USA 10/16),

“Bring you to climax in record time,” (Glamour, USA 12/16),

“And it wasn’t just any orgasm – it was a cluster of orgasms within one orgasm,” (Elite Daily, USA 10/16)

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The Satisfyer in the Press
The Satisfyer in the Press

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