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New ground-breaking app takes sexual wellness to a whole new level

London, 2020: Wellness tech brand Satisfyer, have announced the launch of its incredible and free, SATISFYER CONNECT app. A new interactive platform that blends intimacy with technology, to help people connect, with each other and their own bodies with no limits.

The app, which has been developed in the brand’s innovation lab in Germany, has been designed for people to explore and enjoy sensual experiences be that either alone or with a partner, whether close to each other or at a distance. This app could be the perfect solution for couples in long-distance relationships, or those that want to add some spice into their life, with new highlights added every month.

The Satisfyer team has created this amazing app to help you connect, opening the realms of intimacy, self-love, and sexuality to everyone, no matter where they are. SATISFYER CONNECT creates an entirely new level of sexual experience that invites people around the world to explore the endless possibilities within their sensual nature and body.

With features that include ‘music vibes’, which pairs with your own music library, to pulsate your Satisfyer product, to the beat and rhythm of the music and ‘Ambient Sound’ where your partners’ voice transmits as vibrations. This app allows you to experience a whole new dimension of pleasure and a new way to explore. There is even a handy alarm setting, so
you could have a new fun way to start each day.

What’s not to love!

Satisfyer wants to help people connect, with themselves and each other, which is why it has launched this amazing app. They say that “happiness is the only thing that increases when you share it” and with SATISFYER CONNECT you can set and share pleasure routines, as well as share the control of your toy remotely, all in a safe and secure way.


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