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Retro style garter belts

Stockings and suspenders… just the words make some people drool!

Both men and women love suspender belts. They feel sexy to the wearer. They look exotic to the voyeur.  And, let’s face it they are there to serve a purpose other than looking sexy – to hold your stockings in place.

This retro style garter belt uses 6 leg garters for a stronger fit
This retro style garter belt uses 6 leg garters for a stronger fit

Cheap suspender belts usually have plastic findings, that is the part that hold onto the hosiery.  These look alright, but in practical terms, they are far from satisfactory – they are usually a real pain to keep in place, and will often continually pop open if the slightest amount of pressure is put on them.

We manufacture our own suspender belts in a small factory with just a few seamstresses working there, so the quality control is high, and the finish is perfect.

Our suspender belts often have 6 garters, instead of the more common 4, meaning they are better equipped to do the job they are intended for!  We use metal findings not plastic, so they’re stronger and last for much longer.   Our garter belts are commonly used for burlesque performers who want to be sure their hose will stay in place all night long.  Trust us – we know!

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