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PVC Clothing Tips

PVC clothing suits all shapes and sizes, men and women and is superbly sexy and flattering.PVC Clothes

There are all sorts of sexy PVC clothing available, some more suited to the bedroom and others that are well suited as daywear or for fetish parties.  Some PVC clothes make perfect fetish wear and others suit rock chicks and biker babes.

PVC Clothing is:

  • Daring
  • Sexy
  • Flattering
  • Versatile

Contrary to popular belief, PVC clothing generally isn’t too hot to wear; that is because it is actually fabric coated with PVC.

Most PVC clothing is high gloss, although you can also buy leather look matt vinyl and rubber look matt too.  Allure Lingerie specialise in a whole range of rubber look clothes.

You can wash PVC clothing by hand in warm water, always follow the manufacturer instructions but generally this is a good way to keep your PVC clothes clean and fresh.  We have a special PVC care guide for more information on caring for your PVC clothes.

When choosing which PVC garment to buy, think about your body shape and the parts you love and don’t love.  You will always find a PVC outfit to suit you; you just need to hunt for it.  PVC dresses are stunning on many women, regardless of their dress size and we supply sizes up to 3X so we’re sure to have something to fit even the larger lady, or the teeny figure.

PVC clothes do look better when they’re a tight fit rather than baggy; but there won’t be a lot of stretch in them so ensure you find your correct size and don’t be afraid to ask us if you are unsure.  We can measure garments and help you find the size to suit your shape and figure.

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