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Satisfyer Sparkling Darling


Satisfyer Sparkling Darling is a powerful, rechargeable chubby bullet vibrator with a removable silver cap. This makes it really easy to use and keep clean, so it’s always ready for action whenever the fancy takes you.

It features a magnetic charger that also serves as a totally waterproof solution, so you can use it in the bath but more importantly, it makes it really easy to just wash under the tap, without any worries about rusting the internal mechanism.

As soon you take the cap off this pleasure-giving companion, your panties will be coming off too!

In addition to its charming character and lovable personality, this mister scores extra points thanks to its manageable size, meaning it can accompany you on every adventure. The small size of this powerhouse conceals its concentrated power: 5 speeds and 10 varied vibration styles combine to create a vibration symphony that plays every note from quiet to crescendo.

Sparkling Darling has a straight shaft with rounded tip targets your clitoris with precise, extensive stimulation. The mini-vibrator also scores points thanks to the smooth, super-delicate feel of the surface.

For added variety, the Sparkling Darling can also be used with its metallic cap – for arousing, unyielding vibes on your hot spots!

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Satisfyer Sparkling Darling chubby bullet, for a delightful massage on the clit with no batteries ever required!

You can stash this mini-vibrator in your bag, backpack or suitcase, camouflaged next to your lipsticks like a sexy secret agent. And it’s also clean: thanks to its practical cap, it can be hygienically stowed away at any time to wait patiently for its next use.

In addition, the Sparkling Darling is visually stunning thanks to its black shaft and shiny silver cap: the sophisticated, timeless design of this pleasure-giver is truly beautiful.



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