Magnetic Ball Stretcher

Magnetic Ball Stretcher – so much easier to use than a hex-key operated model.  Combines good looks with easy functionality, for an amazing price.


Check out our new Magnetic Ball Stretcher – the strong magnets in this ball stretcher will keep it firmly in place once closed. Pull apart one quarter of the ring, slide in your balls, and shut closed. Internal diameter 35mm, weight 250g.

Lock the Magnetic Ball Stretcher in place and feel the stretch from this heavy ball stretcher sex toy for men.

Made in body safe nickel-free stainless steel.

  • Strong magnetic hold
  • Square cross section
  • Good looks and easy to use
  • Diameter 35mm, weight 250g
  • Nickel-free stainless steel

A ball stretcher is a male sex toy that is used to stretch and elongate the scrotum. These devices are meant to wrap around the base of the scrotum and may come with attached cock rings. Ball stretchers may be made from materials like leather, metal or silicone, and they vary in size and by how far they stretch the scrotum. Some ball stretchers also act as weights, and some have rings to which weight may be attached.
~ definition from Kinkly


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