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Jimmy Jane Form 5 Unisex Vibrator


Introducing the Jimmy Jane Form 5, a beautiful rechargeable vibrator for stimulating the clitoris and labia area simultaneously.

How does Jimmy Jane Form 5 Help Her?

  • The micro-thin silicone wings deliver gentle, fluttering vibration to the clitoris and labia. Squeeze, surround, or simply sit back and let it do all the work
  • Concentrated sensations with the pleasure dome designed to deliver powerful, deep vibration
  • Perfect for the moment you’re needing and wanting more.

And how does Jimmy Jane Form 5 Help Him?

  • FORM 5 brings the grip of a hand with the touch of a tongue for an arousing prelude that heightens sensitivity
  • Entice, excite, then experience
  • Flexible wings surround and stimulate the shaft for a sensation previously unknown
  • Drag lightly, squeeze firmly, or let the vibration take over entirely
  • Deliver stimulation to the most sensitive areas with the Pleasure Dome. Rub the tip of the penis, massage the perineum, or explore areas previously untouched

What does it do for couples?

Set the mood by teasing erogenous zones with light vibration. Cup her breast with the FORM 5 during sex. The Pleasure Dome will stimulate the nipple while the wings encompass the areola. Dual stimulation for intense sensation. Use the FORM 5 in conjunction with oral play by wrapping the wings around the shaft and moving vertically in motion with your mouth. An introduction to vibration paired with familiar sensation.

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Additional information

The Jimmy Jane sex toys are very high quality, powerful and beautifully finished. Highly recommended by the Passion Team.



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