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Pole Dancing with Sophie from Ascendance Theatre Art at Passion

The experienced teachers will guide you through a series of pole based exercises, designed to improve your fitness levels and flexibility by using your own body weight as a resistance. Pole dancing is a fantastic way to improve upper body and core strength, creating lean muscles, suitable for pole dancers and as a general exercise class. Being supple and flexible will also help in all forms of fitness and is essential to the healthy functioning of joints and muscles!

No pole dance experience is necessary.

Join Sophie at Passion

  • for Beginners Class – Saturdays 5-6pm.
  • for Mixed Ability Class – Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm

— Only £7.50/hour or £5 students– one of the cheapest around!



Vertical Dance (Pole Dancing) is a fun way to build your confidence and make new friends! Not to mention the improvement in your posture, coordination, strength and flexibility!

Many moves in Vertical Dance require using your own body weight as a resistance so your strength improves as you practice each move without even realizing you’re exercising. Pole dancing is also a great way to improve your flexibility as classes gently encourage your body to loosen up through use of the full range of movement.

“I had no upper body strength before I started pole dancing- I couldn’t do a press up and in the first class I couldn’t lift my body weight! But you are so focused during the class, concentrating on learning where your arms and legs must go you forget you are exercising! My upper body strength improved rapidly and I noticed how toned my body had become! I loved the effect pole dancing had on my body and the sense of achievement I felt in each class once I mastered a new move! You are guaranteed to love it!”

(Sophie, Instructor)


Classes begin with a gentle warm up before learning a selection of tricks and spins!

It is recommended you wear shorts to classes and we request you do not wear moisturizer on the day of the class. We dance in bare feet or trainers.

Pole taster session- £5 each

Pole fitness class- £7.50 each or £5 students

5 week course- £35

Private Lessons – £20 per hour or £15 for students

Please book in advance by calling Sophie on 07812773893.

Boy pole dancing


For more on Ascendance Theatre Art visit their website.

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