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New Years Sex Resolutions

New Years Sex Resolutions are a bit less boring than the usual losing weight, giving up booze or quitting smoking.  And they are just as good for your health.

Happy new year to you!  Now it’s 2017 you’re sure to be thinking of New Years Resolutions.

Whilst most people give up chocolate, smoking, crisps and even booze to have a Dry January, we thought you may like to consider a far less depressing New years resolution, in fact, one that may keep a smile on your face for the whole of the year.

So instead of telling yourself you will do 100 sit ups every night before bed, which will realistically only last for a few days at most, make some resolutions of a saucier kind.  You can improve your sex life. Get more orgasms. Be much closer to your partner and get all the health benefits that regular amazing sex will bring.

So what New Years Sex Resolutions can I make?

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Make more time for sex

Life is busy.  Sex gets abandoned to the weekend because the days are so hectic!  Even if you have to pre-plan a little bit, make sure that you make time for sex. Organise more hot date nights, be prepared and make sure you stick to it.

Get ready

Pamper yourself for sex more often.  Particularly in the New Year, as we’re in the depths of winter, we neglect to shave our legs or paint our toe nails, after all they’re under wraps from the outside world when it’s so cold! Whether it’s getting regularly waxed, investing in saucier panties or having a half a day at the beauty salon for a full winter service, being prepared and preened in those areas that people generally don’t see, but your partner does — ensures that the often neglected bits are ready and willing whenever the mood takes you.

Prolong the seduction

Particularly if your relationship is past its honeymoon stage, you may find you no longer flirt with your lover.  Try preparing long in advance of a naughty night in by being flirty and suggestive to them early in the day.  This could be done by whispering something naughty to him in public if you’re together, or texting him a hint of what’s to come later if you are both in work.

Try a new sex toy

Whether you haven’t even got a little butt plug in the bedside drawer, or your leather flogger has scuff marks on its handle. A sex toy can certainly bring new energy into your sex life.  If you’re close to our shop in Cardiff, we can definitely help you find something suitable but otherwise, there is a ton of information on this website and a big choice of great tried-and-tested toys to benefit from.

New positions for new sensations

New year, new sex position.  Make it a mission to ditch missionary!  Give the fantastic Liberator sex aids a try, they are perfectly shaped, moulded, and sized for much easier staying-power in total comfort and you will never consider boring sensational-less sex ever again.

We hope that some of our suggestions will help you make your New Years Sex Resolutions and that you enjoy them so much, you will even stick to them!

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New Years Sex Resolutions
New Years Sex Resolutions

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