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Neighbours fury at the abuse of former Big Boy

I just read a-nother news story about the whinges of neighbouring businesses when an Adult Mart store opened in their neighbourhood in Mansfield, Ohio.

It’s not news to me that they are whingeing, as this often happens when short sighted neighbouring businesses don’t see the attraction of a shop that helps marriages and relationships – not to mention the benefit on their neighbourhood of the formerly empty building being back in use.

Our own adult business is located next door to a Craft and Sewing shop and opposite a carpet shop that has been there for over 20 years, and fortunately we couldn’t ask for nicer and more neighbourly neighbours.  But then, this is the UK and our neighbouring shops are very good business people.  Maybe that is why they have been here so long.

I would have thought that the manager of the hotel who is quoted as saying “they’re going to affect our business, and they’re going to affect our town, too,”  would be thrilled.  Yes, I would imagine that having an adult shop nearby your hotel would be great for keeping people in the hotel, not venturing out to eat at rival restaurants.

And just imagine the in-room pay-per-view revenue you could pull in!

Anyway, this post isn’t a rant about the short sightedness of these folk, but a deepfelt belly-laugh at the paradox of the former name of the business:

It was a Big Boy restaurant!

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