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Make 2010 the year of your Sex Life!

Make 2010 the year of your Sex Life!New Year is a time when we reflect on our lives, and take stock of where we are now and where we want to be in the following year.  Many people make New Year’s Resolutions and never actually stick to them – perhaps to lose weight, give up smoking and eat healthily are the most common.

But why not think of something that you will love sticking to?  Improving your sex life! Who could resist this?

Sex is natural, fun, free and essential for our health and well being.  With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to aim for in 2010.

    try a new location, every week  Kitchen, bathroom, sofa – if you’re a married couple the chances are you’ve started confining sex to the bedroom especially if you have kids.  Resolve to have sex anywhere other than the bedroom once a week – by the end of January you’ll be imagining the next session with vigour and day dreaming during the most mundane household activities!  Try it!
    Try a sex doll today!Even if you’re in a new and exciting relationship you can try new locations.  Book into a hotel for a night – even if you can’t afford to travel, spend what you’d spend on a night-out-clubbing on a night-in-loving.
    And, if you’re on your own – play alone in somewhere new.  Ever tried diddling a vibrator in the bath?  Wearing a silent love egg to the super market?  Buy a sex doll and watch TV with her!  Wear a butt plug to work…
    resolve to take your partner by surprise – and we mean literally!  As soon as you’re alone when no-one else is around, grab a hold of them and tell them how much you want to ravish them, here and now.  When the urge takes you, do it!
    Whilst we have to plan for most things in our life, when it comes to sex routine becomes mundane.  Fight this and give in to the urge now and again, to spice up your sex life and re-light desires just like when you first met.
    sounds like a Sainsbury’s advert doesn’t it?   Every time you have sex, try one new thing, whether it is a new motion with your tongue or a new rhythm with your fingers, add an element of surprise and delight for your partner that will turn you on no end – and if you ever run out of ideas, turn to the internet and watch some porn!
    here’s an idea on how to do this and make it fun!  Sit down with your partner and a bottle of wine, and some paper and both write down 6 fantasies you have fancied trying out.  Whatever they are keep them a secret for now – although you can drop hints if you like!    Ensure you both use the same type of paper so that you can’t tell whose is whose.
    Now, once you have them down fold up the pieces of paper, and put them into an old tin or purse or another suitable place and once every month, take it in turns to remove a piece of paper and try out that fantasy.
    we’re an adult shop so we have to include just one tip with sex toys! Every month buy one sex toy from Passion, and take it in turns to choose which one you will try.  You can come shopping together and ask our friendly staff for assistance and demonstrations (no, not literally) on any sex toy you choose.  Or you can come alone and add that element of surprise for your special night in together.  Or you can browse our website at your leisure and make a wish list that will last you all year!
    It could be a new vibrator, a cock ring for him or a butt plug! A new type of stimulating lubricant, a strap on dildo or even a love swing!
    It’s easy, and fun and will add that spice and flavour to your sex life that will ensure that this year, you get the best Sex Life Ever!

Happy New Year to all our customers, from the Passion team.

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