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KT Wild's Pole Dancing Classes at Passion

Join KT for pole dance class at Passion:

  • Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm- Mixed ability. £10 per lesson.
  • Friday 6.30pm – 7.30pm – Mixed ability. £10 per lesson.

Pole Conditioning Class

  •  Saturday 12.30pm-1.30pm

The Pole Conditioning Class is an amazing way to get fit and to lose weight. During this class the pole is used as a support aid during the flexibility and the strength exercises. This class is a great way of increasing your upper body and core strength, to enable you to do pole moves more fluently. The pole conditioning class just focuses on using the pole as a fitness aid. This class is designed to increase your fitness levels. No pole dancing moves are taught during this class.

This class is only £5 to anyone who attends a Pole Dancing Class during the week.


“I have been enjoying pole dancing for 8 years and fell in love with it from my first class. I have always liked keeping fit but found I became bored quickly if I went to the gym or attended any of the classes at the gym. The fitness benefits for this type of exercise are amazing.”

(KT Wild- teacher)


About Pole Dancing:

Pole dancing can burn as many as 300 calories which is similar to a good gym session.

Builds muscle and tones- It helps strengthen your stomach muscles and you can, if you attend classes regularly expect to see increased muscle definition in your bottom, tummy, arms and thighs.

Beating the winter blues- the physical excertion helps your body to release happy hormones- endorphins, making you feel better and more energetic.

What to wear:

A vest top with shorts are best as your bare legs help to grip on to the pole. Bring trainers for the warm up. All classes are done in bare feet or ballet pumps.

KT’s classes are very fun and energetic- if you love socializing then KT is the teacher for you!

Get in contact with KT either by emailing her through her website or call her on 07968 026430



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