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Keeping things hot in the winter

We’ve got a few tips on keeping things hot in the winter.

It’s cold outside. And it’s cold inside! All that you really want to do is get into your full-length flannel nightie and snuggle up in bed!

But you can’t — not if you want to be sexy.

When asked what she wore in bed, Marilyn Monroe replied Chanel No 5.

I’m not suggesting you wear nothing in the middle of winter, but there are ways to avoid looking like a furry toy and keeping things hot in the winter.

A friend of mine splashed out £500 on a cashmere dressing gown once. She shocked the hell out of me! I asked her if she’d gone crazy!  But, it’s still going strong to this day and fifteen years later, has cost her around £40 a year to own.  it still looks gorgeous too. Soft and flowing, light but oh-so-cosy and it’s total heaven.  And it’s sexy.

What my friend was doing here was teaching me that sometimes you find that perfect, classic item and you should buy it.  Even if it means going without wine for a few months, it’ll do better for the waistline too. ?

If you go to bed dressed like a Playboy Bunny, chances are you will get treated like one.

There’s no excuse to get into bed looking like a maiden aunt.  Its all very well working hard all day long to look sexy — it’s also essential to dress for bed and keep up the image.

Or do as Marilyn and just wear your Chanel No 5.

Go for the Marilyn Monroe recipe, and wear nothing but your favourite scent in bed.  For this look you need to be smooth, soft and gorgeously clean or the effect will be lost.  So wax, shave or whatever it is you do to stay stubble free then shower or bath.  Exfoliate beforehand and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.  Afterwards, smother yourself with gorgeous smelling moisturising lotion or body oil and don’t overdo the scent, just spray a cloud of it ni front of you and walk through it.  You’ll come out the other end smelling so sweet!

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Keeping things hot in the winter
Keeping things hot in the winter

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