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Introducing the Intensity by Jopen

A new sex toy has hit the shelves at Passion and it is unique – and it is reported to strengthen women’s orgasms! The easiest way to explain the Intensity by Jopen is to tell you the Intensity Story…

Intensity by Jopen is the first adult pleasure object born from a medical device. It began when a team of medical professionals created an apparatus to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles.

During the initial testing of this already-revolutionary product, something unexpected occurred. A very unassuming women quietly admitted that she experienced one of the best orgasms of her life. Then another tentative voice echoed the same result. Then another, and another. Before long numerous women in the study group reported having intense orgasms when using the device.

The medical team was amazed at the unexpected feedback. Certainly not considered a “negative” side effect, they decided to explore the cause of the orgasms. Scientific research indicated that since the pelvic floor muscles are partly responsible for the involuntary contractions which occur during an orgasm, Intensity™ may also produce incredible pleasure.

This revelation made them look at their invention in a different light. The medical team knew right away they had the makings of an innovative adult novelty. It had the potential to provide both health and happiness benefits in a never-before-imagined pleasure object.

They brought the concept to the design team at JOPEN®. With the expertise of JOPEN’S® all-women product development team they jointly crafted the revolutionary new Intensity™.

They added vibration in the form of a G-Spot stimulator on the shaft. A vibrating stimulator was placed on the base for external use. They built Intensity™ with the ability to hit virtually every erotic area of a woman’s body simultaneously. The final result is a product that can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles essential to a woman’s sexual health, and has the potential to create powerful orgasms.

A new way to define personal satisfaction and pleasure, Intensity™ is the elation of innovation. See it! Feel it! Believe it!

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