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How to Clean Your Sex Toys – Tips From Passion

How to Clean Your Sex Toys

There are various types of sex toys available in different materials and finishes, and many people often inquire about the best methods for cleaning them. It’s a valid concern, especially considering the investment made in purchasing these items and the desire to maintain their quality.

Prior to cleaning any toy, especially those with a motor or vibrator, it’s important to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, particularly if the toy is not waterproof. It’s advisable not to wash any plug-in mains-operated sex toys with water. In such cases, using toy wipes is recommended, although spraying antibacterial cleaner onto a microfiber towel can also be effective.

Cleaning PVC Sex Toys

A gentle and effective method for cleaning a PVC sex toy is to use mild soap and water. PVC is waterproof, making it simple to clean. It’s important to note that boiling PVC is not recommended, as this can lead to melting and damage to the plastic.

Cleaning Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone sex toys can withstand higher temperatures so wash them with mild soap, antibacterial hand soap is ideal.  And hand-hot water.

Cyberskin Sex Toys Hygiene

Cyberskin or similar is the squidgy-soft material that feels real to the touch.  It is a porous material.  The best way to clean this is with warm water, a little mild soap, and then gently pat dry with a lint-free towel.  Microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for this.  Allow it to air-dry completely, and periodically brush it with renewing powder such as Linx renewing powder or cornflour.  That will keep it smooth and prevent it from going tacky.

A soft brush, like a make-up blusher brush is great for this purpose and will get the right amount of powder on the toy. You just need a light dusting.

You can cut down on the cleaning time of a CyberSkin toy and also increase the toy life by using a condom, and use water-based lubricant.

Cleaning Glass Sex Toys

Glass is very easy to clean by just washing with antibacterial soap and rinsing.  You can use a sex toy cleaner on it if you wish.

Metal Sex Toys Hygiene

Metal toys are stainless steel or alloys.  They are very easy to clean by just washing with antibacterial soap and rinsing, then drying and polish with a microfiber cloth.  You can use a sex toy cleaner on it if you wish but rinse it off thoroughly and dry with a towel, and you’ll have a gorgeous mirror finish.

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How to Clean Your Sex Toys
How to Clean Your Sex Toys

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