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How much do you have to spend to please your woman

What’s Christmas coming to?  Trying to bankrupt people?

I just read an article giving men advice on buying lingerie.

I read a similar one yesterday, written by a journalist who no doubt has lots of free, expensive samples sent to her on a weekly basis.  She recommends that men don’t buy anything racy for their lady – in case she thinks he wants to ravish her.  It recommends you avoid peek-a-boo and you would be “more likely on a promise if you buy something in plain old white”.

The recommendation they finally make is to purchase a silk camisole priced at £115, and tie-side knickers at £89.  Jeepers!

Hmmm, well let me put a few other opinions into the discussion.  Because I find that article unrealistic and unsuitable as genuine advice for poor guys who just want to please their partner.  This is from someone who serves both men and women every day with lingerie they are buying for each other – not an opinionated editor who is lucky enough to have the ears and eyes of millions of readers.  The worrying thing is that they probably have a lot of influence as well, and that’s fine if the readers are all rich but I suspect that some of them have hefty credit card bills already and are about to add to them.

If my other half splashed out over £200 on one single outfit for me – and an undergarment at that, I would be really annoyed.  We don’t live in Mayfair and own a Mercedes – we’re ordinary people and £40-50 is plenty thank you very much.  If it’s really special then more is fine but normally you want something to wear out for that much!

For £150 at Passion you would get 3 or 4 sexy outfits, plus a few toys to boot – and still be left with change to get a lubricant or massage oil.  We still gift wrap it for you for free, and as for the editor’s opinion that women don’t like racy – let me tell you we have had plenty of men sent in by their wives/girlfriends/lovers for something sexy that the man chooses – she wants him to choose – and she wants it to be as racy as he can manage!  Wanting to see her in something very sexy isn’t an insult, on the contrary it is flattering and to compliment her with something you’re going to ravish her in seems to me to be a great idea.

Christmas should be about love, fun and togetherness – not how much you can spend on someone.  What is wrong with expressing your feelings in actions and not £ symbols?

Now, get shopping – because you don’t have to have a last-minute lingerie disaster – we’re here to help and can deliver by 24th providing you order by 23rd December at 4pm and the items are in stock.

Feel free to give us a shout on Live Help should you want help with anything.

And Merry Christmas!

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