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You may have read in the news that the “average” woman (huh?) carries around £500 worth of contents around in her handbag, and in most cases those contents are not insured!

Well, if you’re the kind that needs to be prepared for every eventuality, here are a few of Passion’s handbag essentials that you should never be without, and your insurance man will be happy, they’re all £15 or under!

Condoms – the price of condoms can get expensive! But did you know, you can get condoms totally free from your local Family Planning clinic or Sexual Health clinic?   Young people can get a C-card, entitling them to supplies of free condoms (what a great idea!).  But if you get caught short, there’s no need to break the bank buying the famous, branded condoms.  Passion has a pack of twelve Skins condoms in 2 varieties, for just £1.99 so you can slip a few into your handbag and always be sure to play it safe.

RO80 Bullet Vibe – this is our best-selling clitoral vibrator and it’s small, quiet, discreet and certainly pocket/handbag friendly.  It is super powerful and just £9.99 for many hours of discreet pleasure.  Check out the reviews!  RO8O Bullet vibrator.

Sex toys in disguise – the sex toy manufacturers never miss a trick and have made a few naughty toys designed just for your handbag, so no-one need know what they are really meant for!  There are Lipstick Vibrators that really look like an innocent lippie, and even a Vibrating Hairbrush that will keep your hair nice and slick, and something else nice and slick too…

Tiny bottles of lubricant – ID Lubricants have really small bottles of lubricant that you can keep in the pocket of your handbag, and they are super handy!  Measuring just over 2 inches tall these little bottles of lube help you play safe, stay safe and enjoy the fun of pleasure anywhere you go.  Check out the tiny bottle of ID Pleasure that we have on offer for just £3.50.

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