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Five Festive Sex Treats to Try

Five Festive Sex Treats to Try

So its almost Christmas week and we’re in the height of the festive buzz here at Passion, we thought we’d suggestive some festive sex treats to try!

Everyone is still calm and relaxed as there’s still another 5 shopping days to go, so still plenty of time for deciding. However we know how easy it is to leave until Christmas Eve (we’re open until 4pm that day by the way), and rush into buying something for the sake of it. We’re trying to help here, by putting forward five festive treats for you to try over the festive period.

1. Relax with a full body massage

Indulgent, sensual and relaxing, a full body massage can be a perfect prelude to some really hot sex! You need to be prepared to give for 15-20 minutes here. You will need: towels, massage oils, candles, warm room and some soothing music.Sexy couples massage

Ensure the room you’re going to use is clean and tidy. There’s nothing more distracting than papers everywhere or your phones buzzing every few minutes. Create a perfect couples ambience with lots of candles which will instantly make the room cosy and romantic. And stay away from heavily fragranced candles if you’re going to use scented oils, it can get overpowering and make you feel sick. Pick a chill out playlist and put it on low as background music. There! You have set the scene for a totally indulgent night.

There are loads of techniques on the internet for giving a sexy couples massage, and spending this totally couple focused experience together is a perfect prelude to a much more intimate festive season.

2. Use Ice for temperature play

There’s plenty of ice around at this time of year right? So let’s get creative and use some ice with our foreplay. Take a handful of ice cubes from the freezer and set them into a bowl.  Run the ice cubes over her body to tease her, when she starts to feel the super-cold temperatures, it’ll cause her nerves to perk up and anticipate the sensations to come. If you really want to drive her wild, avoid the erogenous zones—like her nipples or inner thighs—until the very last minute.  And try sucking on an ice cube before going down on her, this is sure to make her gasp!  If you both enjoy the temperature play, you could add in some steel or glass sex toys for future reference as they do the same thing, but without the drips of water everywhere.

3. Have sex in the car

The only bonus to really long, dark nights is that you can take advantage of less people around and not being spotted. Find a secluded place, and see if sex outdoors floats your boats.  Hopefully its at least a ten minute drive away so you can fully heat the car up before you get there!

4. Use sex position aids

We particularly love The Liberator range as they are very high quality and make sexual positions a lot easier and manageable.

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5. Add some kink

Bondage tape is great for starting off with bondage, and also a blindfold.  Those two items can cost under £10 and would be a great taster into the world of kink.  One of our best sellers is a spread-eagle soft bondage kit, which includes tethers to use under the bed to create 4 anchor points for the wrist and ankle cuffs included in the kit.

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Festive sex treats
Festive sex treats

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