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Passion Erotic Book Interview with L.M. Lane, author of Forbidden Lust

Passion Erotic Book Interview with L.M. Lane, author of Forbidden Lust

Forbidden Lust is a collection of 4 erotic short stories that follow the adventures of dominating men, submissive women with pleasure on their minds. Passion was able to grab a quick interview with sexy siren behind the book, L.M Lane.

Q: Is this your first attempt at Erotica writing?

I have written on and off for years. Usually for my own entertainment but I decided that the time was right to actually try and publish something.

Q.  What inspired you to start writing?

I can remember my English teacher in school getting very excited over a story I had written and telling me that I had a skill for it. That stuck with me for years. It helped to spur me on with my writing and gave me the courage to give it a proper go!

Q. Why did you choose a contemporary setting over historical?

I love the kind of books that I can visualize myself in. I find it easier to do that with a contemporary setting rather than historical. I suppose at the end of the day it is a matter of taste and nothing more.

Q. What kind of Erotica do you prefer?

I loved the Fifty Shades book and am addicted to the Sylvia Day Cross series. Other than that I have tried a million different books, some great and some not so great. The only thing that really matters for me is reality. If the erotica is realistic and something I can see myself trying or doing then I lap it up!

Q. Who is your favourite writer?

Oooooo this is too hard a question to answer!!! It changes as I get older and read more. However one author that I have always loved is Roald Dahl. I am a big fan of Sarah Waters too and the obvious ones like JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer and of course EL James!!

Q. Apart from Erotica, what else do you read / write?

As you can see from my favourite authors I read quite a diverse selection of books. I just love a book with great characters that you buy into and a gripping story. I am currently working on my second collection of erotic short stories. I also took part in NaNoWriMo this year which is a challenge to write 50k words during the month of November. I achieved my 50k on the 14th so I was very pleased with that. It has some erotic sex scenes in it but it will be more of a thriller/mystery novel when it is finished.

Q. What book are you reading now?

A book called Over the Knee by Fiona Locke. It is very predominately about spanking but it is great for research!!

Q. What have you got planned next?

I’m in the process of writing the next collection of short stories and after that I will be finishing and editing my novel. Busy times ahead!!

Q. Do you have any advice for aspiring erotic writers?

Just do it. If you feel that you have a story in you then let it out. Write it for yourself and don’t worry about what people will think of it. It sounds more authentic that way I think.

Q. Do you have a favourite sex toy?

I would have to pick my magic wand but the rock chick is a close second!

Q. Do you have a favourite outfit/lingerie set?

As you may have guessed from reading the book, I love stockings and heels. I don’t have any particular outfit but it would always be accompanied by stockings and heels. You just can’t beat them for making you feel sexy.

Q. Who is your favourite shop/online erotic retailer?

I love Passion!!! I have bought quite a lot from you guys. It is the best sex shop in Cardiff. Also Nice ‘N’ Naughty in Bristol is pretty cool. I like to be able to see things before I buy them!


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