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Don’t neglect the nipples!

Never forget how sexy your boobs are.  Nipples are sexy not only for him, but for you too.  If you use a non-piercing jewellery product called Nipple Huggers to enhance the look of your nipples, you will also benefit from greatly increased sensations to them, as they hug onto the nipple and keep it erect, allowing for every brush of clothing against the skin to feel sensational and greatly enhanced.

Warning, these amplified feelings are likely to make you feel totally hot and aroused!

Nipple Huggers also look simply fantastic, as they are so pretty and available in a lot of colours to match every outfit, as well as just in silver and gold colour.

What are Nipple Huggers?

Nipple Huggers are non-piercing nipple jewellery that are made with greatly detailed, twisted wire in a variety of colours, designed to hug onto the nipple and enhance its look and appeal.

They were in fact invented by a woman, who has also patented them and grown her business into an International brand that benefits thousands of women worldwide.

When we first discovered Nipple Huggers back in 2005 we were very excited and we’re now re-visiting the range to increase our stock of colours so that our UK customers can benefit from them too.

We’ve added a new article on how to use Nipple Huggers and fit them properly, and how to increase arousal with Nipple Huggers.

Further resources:

You can view our entire range of nipple jewellery too.

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