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Magnetic ball stretcher

Magnetic Ball Stretcher

In exploring the world of magnetic ball stretchers, one finds a fascinating assortment of sizes and weights tailored for different preferences and experiences. Magnetic ball stretchers, crafted from durable stainless steel, are designed for ease of use, doing away with the need for tools like Allen keys, which are all too easy to misplace. Their […]

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With a Butt Plug

7 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Butt Plug

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With a Butt Plug And I think some of these will shock you! Read on for 7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With a Butt Plug You’re not using lube You’re not cleaning it properly You are going too big You are going too small You’re improvising You’re not communicating with […]

How to charge your Satisfyer Vibrator

Satisfyer Vibrator Charming Smile

It’s so very easy – much easier in fact, than putting batteries in any sex toy! One end has a regular USB and you need a power supply of some kind, this could be your computer or a USB plug. The other end is a magnetised charger,that you simply pop onto the end of your […]

Snake Oil Cum Lube

Boneyard Snake Oil Cum Lube

For many years our best-selling lube has been a white lubricant, rather than clear. This is because of how it looks. People love a lube to look like cum and it adds to the excitement as you can do exactly as he does in the video… give it a watch. Snake Oil Cum Lube is […]

Buying Bondage Rope

Silk Rope Red 10m

Buying Bondage Rope We sell loads of rope! And I mean, loads. Rope bondage, or Shibari as it is correctly known – is extremely popular kinky pass time for the patient player. Rope bondage is very rewarding.  Plus – you can make beautiful creations with rope. Come and see us soon because we sell these […]

Tunnel Butt Plug for an Open Wide Experience

Tunnel Butt Plug

Open wide! Ready for Tunnel Butt Plug The more advanced anal player will love the Tunnel Butt Plug.  A hollow, open-wide butt plug designed to hold you open and keep you that way, whilst giving full view to anyone who wants to look. Peek-a-boo for backsides, if you will. Not really for the novice, the Tunnel […]

Supersize Dildos Outselling Everything Else

Buy Big Dildos

Supersize Dildos Supersize dildos sales have surged this week. It’s like they’ve been eating too many McDonalds or something. They are fat. Thick. And very fulfilling. We have an entire department or category dedicated to Big Dildos here on our website. Why Massive Dildos? I mean, when I look at them I think, surely no-one can actually cram that […]

What is a butt plug?

What is a butt plug

What is a butt plug? I was surprised to hear someone ask “What is a butt plug” the other day. After explaining I realised that no matter how much you think people know about sex toys and how to use them, the difference between different types of anal toys can be really confusing for the […]

Why choose the G-Vibe Mini?

G-vibe Mini

Why choose the G-Vibe Mini as explained by Doctor Emily Morse.  We introduced the G-Vibe Mini into our range recently and it has fast become one of our most coveted sex toys by our customers. Doctor Morse tells us what it does, and of course this gives you loads of ideas on how to use […]

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