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The Future of Sex

The Future of Sex

Catch us on the BBC Radio Wales programme: The Future of Sex First aired 6.30pm – 7pm Wednesday then again at 6am on Sunday. Shazia Awan-Scully explores The Future of Sex by taking a closer look at the technology behind sex robots. BBC came to interview us at the shop and you can hear the […]

We’re having a snow day

Sexy couple in the snow

For once the weather forecast was correct, and The Beast From The East hit South Wales overnight leaving us all snowed in.  Passion will remain closed today as it is not safe for our staff to travel. Please keep an eye on our social media (links at the top of this page) for updates tomorrow. […]

The Xpole Sport

The Xpole Sport has overtaken sales of the spinning pole, the Xpert!  Possibly due to the price (its £50 cheaper), the Xpole Sport is a professional quality dance pole which is also easy to assemble, and portable.  We just found a useful video on Youtube to show you the contents of the Xpole, and wanted […]

A great reason to get older

If you’ve ever had that feeling of dread as yet another birthday approaches, did you realise that you can get a birthday spanking for your birthday treat?! I was just searching for some information on birthday customs and came across information on birthday spankings on Wikipedia. You can see it here. What happens is that […]

Super Doodles

At our Cardiff shop we receive all the local newspapers and little advertising booklets that are dropped to the local residential area in and around Roath. There is one with a little yellow cover and its quite home-made looking. Our shop assistant Jenna was flipping through the pages the other day, and she was talking […]

Cock flavoured soup

Sometimes, you come across things you didn’t expect.  And you do a double take. I stumbled across this Cock Flavoured Soup in a local ethnic grocery shop on our street, City Road.  I just had to buy it – and needless to say, I can’t bring myself to open it!  It now has pride of […]

What’s ruder? A dildo or an FX Company?

Every day at work is different.  For us, we’re small – so it’s always very busy and that’s why we’d much rather spend our time at work helping our customers, and not talking to sales people who cold call us trying to sell this and that. Most of the sales calls are for: Foreign currency […]

Hey lovely people!

If you’re planning to visit our showroom, please drop us a message beforehand, to ensure we’re there. We are in 7 days a week but not all-day every day. So, simply Whatsapp us on 07849 143011 and we’ll set a time that’s perfect for you. This way, we can give you the personalised service you deserve and make your visit easy.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan or new to our world, grab your phone and give us a message. We can’t wait to welcome you to our Cardiff showroom to see 000’s of products!