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Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex

I’ve just finished watching the series: Masters of Sex which is a period dramatisation of the Masters and Johnson story. Don’t know who Masters and Johnson are?  They are the Pioneers of sexual research who, in the 1950’s undertook controversial studies of human sexual response on hundreds of willing volunteers in a scientific manner, gathering […]

The Power of Make Up – Porn Star Transformation

Pornstar Make Up

Watch this for the incredible transformation into a pornstar!  It’s totally amazing what make-up can do, and if you just take a look at the girls’ before pictures, they already have natural beauty but WOW what incredible transformations they undergo when getting ready for work.

The difference between porn sex and real sex

Couple watching porn

The difference between porn sex and real sex described with food! Porn sex isn’t real.  It’s a movie, a fantasy and the pornstars are acting very well. There is a difference! Pornstar penis is likely to be 6-9 inches.  Real penis, 5-7 inches. Pornstars have very little hair down there. But 65% of women and […]

How long does it take men to ejaculate?


How long does it take men to ejaculate? With one of our best selling products being delay spray, and the other being male enhancement pills, there must be some level of uncertainty or lack of confidence somewhere, or just wanting to prolong the delicious sexual pleasure.  Some men are one minute wonders, some go on […]

Ten disgusting things about the Porn Industry

Ten disgusting things about the Porn Industry

Here are ten disgusting things about the Porn Industry. We enjoy porn as much as the next person, but it’s important to remember, it isn’t real. It’s fantasy. It is acting.  However, this fun video does give you an insight into some of the less savoury aspects of the porn industry. Take a peek, if […]

Couples needed for new Documentary Series – Britain Between the Sheets

A researcher at Ricochet Television (makers of C4’s Food Unwrapped, and C5’s Cowboy Traders) are currently developing a new documentary series exploring British attitudes towards sex and relationships. The phenomenal success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ shows that as a nation we very much have sex on the mind, but talking about what we really […]

Bringing some respectability to The House

Sometimes when the conversation turns to politics, you just want to switch off – but now that British Porn Director Anna Span is running for parliament perhaps politics will get a bit more interesting. Anna (real name Anna Arrowsmith) has directed several hundred hardcore sex scenes and has made several programmes for Television X – […]

Nicole Kidman's Kinky Love Life

It was reported today in the Associated Press that actress Nicole Kidman enjoys a raw and dangerous marriage with husband Keith Urban, but doesn’t explicitly tell us whether the kinky love life she has described is with him or with former hubby Tom Cruise. We’re sure that what readers want to know, is what the […]

A free and lustful treat for you

Those artistes over at Lust Films in Spain have sent us a free movie for you to watch.  The creator, Erika Lust, was born in Stockholm in 1977, currently resides in Barcelona where she founded the production company Lust Films in 2004. She has managed to forge a name for herself as a producer, director, […]

As seen on screen

I have started a new hobby.  Not bird spotting.  Not train spotting.  No… porn-spotting some of the outfits we sell featured in pornos. Now, it might seem like a rather strange hobby for a girl, but really it’s loads of fun and I get to spend more time of my favourite slick-flick website, Videobox. Today […]

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