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Are sex toys weird?

Yesterday at work we had a lady wander into our shop by accident.  Not sure how she managed to do that, since the shop is bright pink and has a loud door beeper when you come in, but she did manage it.  The lady was very polite but she got as far as halfway up the shop floor looking around, and then asked us, “What do you sell in here…”.

Now, call me naïve but if you open your eyes you will see you’re in a sexy place.  The area of the shop at the entrance has jewelry and gorgeous clothes, but also big platform shoes that might just give a little hint of what else is to be expected…

Anyway, just in case she hadn’t seen these sexy things before (she was about 28 at a guess), I told her, “we’re a sexy shop…” and her face changed completely.  “Oh! She exclaimed.  Well, that’s weird. Do people really buy all that stuff?”

For some reason, if anyone implies that sex toys are in any way odd, I always go straight on the defensive and I did the usual explaining, “well the people who buy them are regular couples, and no, they are not what I would class as weird.  In fact I own quite a few myself… and I don’t consider myself to be weird…” and I annoy myself when I do that.  Why do I need to defend sex toys!  They are therapy.  They are useful.  They save marriages!  They are essential for millions in fact.

Weird!  Weird! Do we look weird? What’s wrong with people!  Let’s get some education out there guys.  Sex toys are not weird!  (well some are a little bit out of the ordinary but it depends on what you’re into…).

I managed to kick the not-so-polite-after-all lady out promptly, and then started ranting… Does this woman know what an orgasm is?  Has she ever had one?  Is she weird?

But now I’ve shared my story I feel much better.

Let me know what you think of sex toys… leave a comment.

Updated: 19 March 2021

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