Afternoon Tea at Passion

Passion Online is a trading name of Marketspace Limited, a company set up in 1999 to bring sex toys to the UK at great prices and in a friendly manner that our customers would love.

We’re in our 18th year now, so we are well versed in fast and discreet delivery, and also have a good, old fashioned bricks and mortar store in Cardiff which you are most welcome to visit!

We’re a sexy shop, rather than just a sex shop – meaning that we don’t sell sex but we sell sexy products to make sex well, sexier… Sex toys, clothing, shoes, gadgets, fetish gear, condoms, lubricants and much more, you will find it all at our store.

We’ve been featured in all the major press, national magazines and on TV including MTV, Made in Cardiff and BBC One.  What we’re trying to say is, we’re not a back-bedroom shop that you can’t contact if there’s a problem. We are here to help you whether its a pre-sales enquiry or for some after-sales advice.  You can, if you wish, visit us in person and meet us face-to-face – our kettle is always on!  We also often hold events and promotional evenings here, so keep an eye on our blog or Facebook page for information on those.


Our customers mean everything to us – and as cheesy as that sounds, without you there wouldn’t be a business for us to be in – so please, keep your feedback and loyalty coming and we’ll always be happy to help you!

The Passion team at the customer-facing end are Faith, Siobhon, Paul and Niecy. And sometimes the bubbly beautiful Chrissie as well.  You can view our shop opening hours here.  We open until late for your convenience, and also because our premises is lucky enough to have a gym and a dance studio which is also often used for photoshoots and as a filming location for dramas and documentaries.

Our customers mean everything to us – and as cheesy as that sounds, without you there wouldn’t be a business for us to be in – so please, keep your feedback and loyalty coming and we’ll always be happy to help you!

We work with the best sex toy manufacturers around the world to supply good quality merchandise to you at the best prices.

The latest toys and gifts can be found in our product range and we select the best quality sexy lingerie in the middle price ranges.

If you don’t see what you wanted, please get in touch with us, and we will do our best to source it for you.

We have a twice monthly delivery from Pleaser Shoes USA so we can easily supply the shoes you want in the correct size, if they are not in stock when you visit us.

Here at Passion, our mission is to make you, our customer, satisfied in every way!

We want you to be happy with our selection, our products, our service and our prices.

We have been in business for many years and served many thousands of customers but we know we’re never to old to learn to be better.

Feel free to visit us in our Cardiff store to get the best advice from our knowledgeable staff.

We can even make you a cup of tea while you shop!


Faith at Work


Faith is our founder and owner, who started Passion back in 1999 whilst looking for a new venture during the boom and bust times. Contact with new products, sales enquiries and anything else.


Siobhon is our evening manager and will be happy to assist you with choosing your purchases for clothing, toys and consumables.


You'll find Paul mostly lugging heavy boxes of cocks around the place, and generally doing stuff in the warehouse.  He looks grumpy, but really he's good as gold!


Always happy to help you with sales enquires, you will find Niecy in the daytime at Passion, or working hard on the books.


And we are always happy to help you with pre-sales enquiries if you want assistance choosing your purchase.


Whether you visit our Cardiff shop or use our secure site, you will find a varied selection of the best sex toys and gifts around.


We’ve been around a long time, we’re experienced and well established, and we’re not going anywhere!


As featured on BBC One in 2016! You can visit us in Cardiff 6 days a week to view our products and ask for advice.



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