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A little bit of history repeating

You just never know who will arrive next at Passion.  Recently we were honoured to receive a very special guest, Miss Foo Foo Labelle; burlesque performer and artiste!  Foo Foo is a very special customer of ours, because she not only wears our corsets, but recommends us as a supplier for some of her fantastic burlesque performances.

Before we knew what was happening, Foo Foos clothes were off and she was in the cupboard looking for a saucer of milk!

Foo Foo Labelle wears our black satin corset

Foo Foo is the owner of Burlesque Cardiff, a company that coaches this sexy and glam permormance dance and puts on one hell of a treat for the residents of Cardiff too.  We had a great Christmas party last year at the Point in Cardiff Bay when we treated the staff to a night of frolics at one of Foo Foos shows, and those of you that were listening in to the Christmas Special here at Passion with Play Radio UK, Foo Foo was performing here on the night and was interviewed live on air, telling us a bit more about burlesque and the history.

Miss Foo Foo Labelle

Burlesque Cardiff Presents “A Little Bit of History Repeating”
At The Venue, opposite Cardiff International Arena
Friday 18th September, doors 8pm.
Limited stage-side seated tickets £10, other seated tickets £8
A Historical Meltdown of dance, burlesque and song from the dawn of time to present day.
Tickets on sale from

Feast your eyes on gorgeous burlesque stars portraying characters of old, be entertained by a bevy of wholesome Cancaneuse, furious Flappers, Hoochie Coochie girls and disco divas!

The cat with the cream, Foo Foo Labelle

Appearances by a sinful cave woman, a feisty Boadicea, the regal Cleopatra and tragic Marie Antoinette and Marta Hari plus many more.

Narration and comedy from Lily Belle, live music from Sherbet Mandao.

Come along and see 8 burlesque performers and 20 chorus, plus the band!

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