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7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With a Butt Plug

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With a Butt Plug

And I think some of these will shock you! Read on for 7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With a Butt Plug

  1. You’re not using lube
  2. You’re not cleaning it properly
  3. You are going too big
  4. You are going too small
  5. You’re improvising
  6. You’re not communicating with your partner
  7. You’re pushing your limits

You’re not using lube

Not using lubricant would be the BIGGEST mistake when using a butt plug.  The anus does not produce any natural lubrication, and it’s imperative that you use lubricant before trying to insert anything into that area.  Not using lube will result in pain, possible tearing, and just general discomfort that will take away all the pleasure that should be yours when playing with anal plugs.  So every time you reach for a butt plug, don’t forget the lube.

You’re not cleaning it properly

Your butt plug is delving into areas that produce waste matter, so it goes without saying that you need to clean it thoroughly before and after every use, for safe and hygienic anal play.  We recommend the use of lots of warm or hot water and either an antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner such as Spritz to ensure your butt plug is clean and bacteria-free – ready for the joys to come.

Not cleaning your butt plug can carry the risk of infection and that’s not what you want!  Particularly with butt plugs made of porous materials (anything silicone, jelly, cyberskin, latex that is soft, you should wash immediately after use and never use abrasive cleaning materials like dish brushes, scrubbing brush, wire wool etc that will damage the material.  Other materials such as metal and glass, can be washed with very hot water and bacteria won’t infiltrate into the material easily so its a bit easier to clean.

You are going too big

Anal play requires time and patience, then more time and more patience.  You can’t run before you can walk here.  The sphincter muscle can only stretch so far and just like any other muscle, requires training and coaxing before it can go too big.  So think of investing in an anal training set, or buying a few graduated size plugs.  Some of the sets available will prepare you for bigger plugs and some sex sessions, you may need to always start with the smallest one each time. Until you learn to relax your muscles and gain control over your pleasure and limits.

You are going too small

Ensure your butt plug is big enough to be safe to play with and to feel once it’s in place.

Or what’s the point?

You’re improvising

Are you using something as a butt plug, that isn’t a butt plug?  Don’t!

Butt plugs have a stopper to prevent them from being sucked into the body – which can, and does happen as any A&E doctor will tell you!  Don’t improvise with home-made butt plugs.  Most plugs are inexpensive and will be much safer to use than household items.

You’re not communicating with your partner

Using a butt plug on yourself or your partner needs a little bit of prep.  Communication is key.  This is not the time for embarrassment or shyness.

It’s a physiological fact that the anus gives sexual pleasure to both sexes, and this varies from person-to-person.  Some people have personal preferences or even hang-ups where they don’t want anyone going near that area no-thank-you-mam!  But take it from me, the use of anal sexploration is extremely common and the popularity of sex toys means they sell just as well as any other type of sex toy we sell.

You’re pushing your limits

Some people just aren’t comfortable with anal play, and you know what?  That’s absolutely fine!  All personal intimacy whether alone or with a partner requires consent, and if you’re not happy with what you are doing or planning, then just say No.  Or you might be comfortable with some aspects of anal play and then your partner tries to go too far.  Just tell them, keep communicating what feels good and you’ll discover hidden pleasures every time you try.

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7 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Butt Plug
7 Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Butt Plug

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