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5 Ways to Burn Away Those Extra Inches After Christmas

I don’t know about you, but my waistline has expanded by quite a few inches this Christmas!  It’s the Sunday before going back to work and I am looking forward to the new year ahead with relish – but my first resolution for the year, to dress smarter for work, will be shot unless I lose these extra pounds pretty quick.

Consulting my friend (who is a personal trainer), we have come up with five fun tips to try to lose the waist expansion as quickly as it was gained.  Although I suspect it’s never really that simple, hopefully we’ll have fun trying…

  1. Change position – forget the missionary, to burn the calories get on top and Bounce!
  2. Avoid the bed – do it standing up in the shower or kneeling on the stairs
  3. Seduce him with a spot of pole dancing – a great overall tone up and fab body workout
  4. Buy stripper shoes – the height and platforms alone will tone your legs and if you wear them while you do the housework…
  5. Have an orgasm a day!  It is estimated that an orgasm achieved by masturbation will burn around 135 calories (15 minute build up) but imagine how many you can burn from a sweaty, hot session with a partner!

Don’t forget to check out our article, Sex is Good for You for more on the healthy benefits of SEX.

Happy new year!

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