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3 of the strangest questions ever to be asked to us, while working in the shop

Everyone wants to know the answer to this!

We must get asked about some really strange stuff… we must meet some weird people… Bet you get some strange requests, etc.

Actually, not really.

Life in the Sexy Shop is more normal than you might think.  Most customers are pretty standard, needing lubricants, condoms, enhancers, or some sexy lingerie to spice things up.

Of course, after 21 years in the business, we’ve obviously had some odder requests that got us head-scratching or where we’ve had to put the thinking cap on.  

Would it be possible to post some used socks to me?

This one always stands out and gives us a bit of a giggle.

We used to get a gentleman who called us, probably once every 2 weeks, to ask if he could purchase some of our used socks.  Not tights, not panties, just regular socks. 

Now I’m assuming he meant of the kind worn by a lady, but possibly he wanted some men’s ones!  Unfortunately, it’s not something we carry in our inventory or we could have helped him out.  Of course, we would oblige if we could, but it just cannot be found in the computer system.

Sorry, can’t help!

Do you have any girls in the back room?

This one has actually been asked multiple times.  Most often, by people who are not local or they’d already know the answer.  Erm… does this look like a brothel?!

Do you mean, like real girls?

Actually, wait! Yes! We do.

I forgot at first, but I can actually help you with this…

They’re made of real-skin silicone and are made by a world-famous brand called Fleshlights.

😂  😂  😂

Can I try before I buy?

The only answer we can give to this question is 😂

Or should that be 🤢

But it’s true. It has actually been asked by a real, in-person customer, in the shop.  Yeah sure, go ahead and use it but give it a wipe before the next customer comes in!  

Actually, the real answer is no, of course, anything you buy in Passion is unused and totally sanitary.  You can’t return used products (unless they are under warranty and get a defect of course!) and you can’t change your mind after having a bit of fun with it…

So you can be safe in the knowledge that all the items you’re buying, are clean and germ-free, and will be nice to use!

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Strange questions
Strange questions

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